Monday, August 11, 2014

Rest in peace, Robin Williams

The news just broke a couple of hours ago, but already I'm ready to be done with the news. The paparazzi will only make it worse, because what good does the endless coverage do?

He's gone.

It's tragic, and horribly sad.

Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors. Back in the days of Mork and Mindy, my best friend and I would tune in excitedly and dare each other not to laugh. It was a grade school game we'd play“I bet I can go longer than you without smiling!”and always, always we would lose our own bets.

He was a fine wit and an exceptional talent. I didn't pay much attention to his private life or politics, but what I knew I liked. He just seemed...kind. Those twinkling eyes; that impish grin; those endless, bust-a-gut-laughing impressions.

Gosh, how I'll miss him.

Dead Poet's Society was life-changing for me, in part because I was young and impressionable but also because of William's character. “Oh captain, my captain!” How I wept.

Mrs. Doubtfire's “Hello!” Good Will Hunting's doctor. The  boisterous DJ in Good Morning,Vietnam.

Such a great legacy! Such a heartbreaking end.

I'm sorryso sorrythat it came down to this. You are in my prayers, dear Robin Williams.

You are loved and you are missed.

Rest in peace, sweet Robin.


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    This was a very nice post for Robin Williams. He did have a twinkle in his eyes. Praying for him.

  2. Thank you for this. I was a huge Robin Williams fan growing up. I got to see him do his stand-up act live when I was in college, and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I'll miss him.

  3. Such terribly sad news. He brought so much joy to so many. It's small consolation, but his soul must surely shine bright with all the good and the love he brought into the world.

  4. I believe he was a tortured soul, and I hope there is a special place for those who are so tortured they can not stay here on this earth.

    My oldest wanted to turn on Mrs. Doubtfire last night, but I just couldn't. It will be hard to ever watch those films again...

    ...don't forget the Aladdin genie, one of my favorite characters.

    1. I have a special spot in my heart for tortured souls, Barbara, and suicides hit me really hard. You are right; watching his movies will be bittersweet.

  5. I have nothing to say, but wanted you to know I saw this...OK, I want to say, I've been praying for his soul...

  6. Beautiful post. I totally feel you. He was one of the greats, really he was. We can never have too much compassion for folks that suffer with such a heavy burden as this.

  7. Margaret, what a lovely post, without all of the angst and judgmental junk. I too watched Mork and Mindy each week. He was so totally different than anything we had every seen before. So electric. So dang funny, you could not help but laugh. I remember taking our children to see Aladdin and immediately going home, calling my parents and telling them to run to the theater to see this amazing movie. Such a sweet, funny, tortured soul. May he rest in the arms of our sweet Savior.


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