Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekends with Chesterton

The One Where my iPad Takes a Bath

"Life in itself is not a ladder; it is a see-saw." 
G.K. Chesterton, The Well and the Shallows

May I be completely honest? I don't have a lot of time for reading Chesterton these days, so when it comes  to doing this weekend link-up, which I love, I simply take down my copy of The Apostle of Common Sense (which is signed by the author "To my favorite parishioner" because that is what I told him to write), and find a quote that goes with what I'm going through.

Kitchen Gnome

These days, I'm going through kids and lots of 'em.

These days, I'm hanging on for the ride.

* * *

That said, there have been moments of great grace this past week. For example, I have been praying a lot about time spent on my iPad. "Do I really need to check Facebook so often? Should I try to give up Candy Crush for Lent?"

My tired, time-wasting side was insistent with her counter argument. "Yes, you do. No, you shouldn't. You need an occasional break. You need to recreate."

And then it happened.

God answered my prayer.

He ripped off the band-aid by taking away the iPad.

Rrrrrriiiiiiiippppp! went the band-aid.  No more iPad for Margaret. 

* * *

It all transpired a bit like this: Having been drooled on and played with by Francis the Toddler (see Kitchen Gnome above), the screen was thoroughly covered with gunk. Therefore,  another Berns child helpfully came to the rescue (!) by hosing off the iPad in the sink.

Pfffpt went the iPad. 

WAAAH!!! went Margaret. 

(Yes, I'm going through withdrawal.)

(I'm sure--and not sure--God knows what He's doing.)

* * *

Do you have an iPad? Then you understand my pain. I've got it drying out in rice as we speak, but frankly I think it's gone the way of the dodo bird. 

So there you go and here I go. My see-saw life goes slamming down and I've got my Lenten penance ready & raring to go. 

Paint I
"Yay!" says the toddler.

Either that or I'll go stark raving mad and beg like crazy for my husband to replace it. 

Which he will...I hope?...eventually.

God willing & budget permitting.

Painting II
"This means more Mommy Time for me!"

Meanwhile, I'm finding this withdrawal of mine...interesting. (Yes, children, Mommy is weeping for no reason!) Also, though, there's this big chunk of time that's been suddenly freed up and I'm wondering, how best to use it? 

My kids have ideas of their own, believe me.

* * *

This morning at my holy hour, I gazed at the monstrance and whispered fervently, "I trust You."

"I trust You to help me bear these crosses. I trust You to help be a good wife and mother. I trust You to help me be a saint."

Whatever it takes, and however rough the road might be...


I'm here for the ride and it's never boring.

Linking up with sweet Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things!  Read more great things from Chesterton here.


  1. Oh!!!

    (Trying to think if I would have so gracious a response to my iPad being rinsed in the sink.)

    (no, no I don't think I would.)

    (you inspire me.)

    And I WANT A BOOK SIGNED BY DALE AHLQUIST! I *am* the newest member of the ACS, after all, so perhaps he could sign one for me saying, "to my favorite society member" even though he's never even heard of me. A girl can dream.

    My brain is threatening to explode from working my way through Orthodoxy, so I'm back to Ahlquist this week (I'm on The Complete Thinker) because he makes it very much easier to digest Chesterton's wisdom, doesn't he? Using The Apostle of Common Sense is definitely NOT cheating. It's what I did for the first few weeks of the link-up, and it's what I'm going to do again, I'm sure! It isn't easy to find a time to read Chesterton when there are children mucking all about, meals to prepare, laundry piles to sort, and anyway- Chesterton takes primo brain power!

    I *almost* bought that play kitchen for Posy's birthday but then decided to buy something else (read: less expensive- a doll cradle). But seeing your Francis inside the kitchen makes me wish I had bought it! I think I know what the babies will collectively be receiving from Santa this year!

    1. I KNEW you'd get my needing to read The Apostle of Common Sense just now. It makes sense, doesn't it? Better a bit of Chesterton than no Chesterton at all.

      Angela and George got that play kitchen for Christmas after I saw it on Charlotte's blog and asked her about it. Grandma & Grandpa Cookie were/are very generous! ♥

  2. My ipad died back in November and yes I think it might have been for my own good. That being said I already have it being replaced as part of our homeschool budget for the next school year. It's great for math fact practice you know. I told myself that I have to wait until after lent even if the tax money comes sooner.

    1. I hear ya, Becky! We had a ton of educational apps on my iPad that I will really miss.

  3. That rocking horse photo is fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Tess! I like it, too. : )

  4. Lord, make me a saint, and Jesus I trust in you, very full statements, that mean a ton of things. And a lot of crosses usually.

    God bless you maggie.
    Please don't give up blogging for lent. I don't care about your i-pod, give that up...don't fit it in the budget til after lent. There. That's your cross.

    It's so simple.
    And please don't shut off the comments. It's just a punishment to us. I'm serious.

    I'm off to look who the heck this Chesterton guy is...he's not a saint or anything is he? (I know he was an author--that's all I've got though)

    1. Oh hon, this is one of the sweetest comments ever. Thank you for always being YOU, and for encouraging me to not not be me.

  5. So sorry about your ipad. I hear ya, though, on trying to limit FB and the like a bit more. I tried during advent and while I found there to be fruit, I am right back at it again since I mainly use it to read articles and find good deals?... haha. At the very least, see-saws are way more fun than ladders!

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Oohh!! I would be soooo sad if my iPad were gone! I really like to think of it as a tool for mommy to help her manage her home better (email, evernote, etc) Is that a stretch? and it sure comes in handy to keep the younger ones busy at wrestling matches, show choir, football games, etc.) I say replace! - Jennifer

  7. When the budget allows, replace it; but then don't let the one-year-old play with it. Really! It's always best to take care of what you've got, and one-year-olds need to play with things that are washable, teethable, droppable, etc. (which iPads are not).


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