Sunday, September 8, 2013


The post below, just so you know, was brought on by a horrible fit of depression. It rolled over me like a tsunami on Thursday night and carried me straight out the door to my hometown.

I stopped only to pack a bag and grab the baby. I left a note for the family and was gone.

The wide open skies were like a balm for my soul. Sitting at the kitchen table with my parents, sipping a margarita with my sister, going for confession and spiritual direction with an awesome priest...

Going Home
All of this was just what the doctor ordered, or would have ordered, if I had asked her.

Also? My heart nearly melted when I got up from a nap, and saw that Dad had bought me a box of Lunchables. I may be 46 and graying, but I will always be Daddy's little girl.

Anyway, I am back with my family now (to their great relief) but my heart is still very much healing. This bout with depression has rocked me hard. I know that there's something amiss within; I know that there's something out of balance. This article has helped my perspective tremendously, especially the section on "refilling the pitcher."

It seems like I spend days & weeks & months in giving, and then I snap, and all I want to do is take.


It's back to the sweet consolation of my Morning Glory consecration, and it's taking a break from the writing I love.  It's striving hard for His glory and not my own...and it's thanking you in advance for praying me through this.  Please please know that I am praying for you, too.


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