Friday, September 20, 2013

On Comments, Camping and Carrying Christ

This post is for all you big-time blog readers, with a special shout-out to the locals.

Lanesboro VI

Question for you: How many blogs have you read today?

And now for the follow-up question: How many comments have you left?

I ask this question because, generally speaking, we blog-reading types tend to read far more posts than we ever comment upon, and as a blog-reading, blog-writing type, I can tell you in no uncertain terms...

 Those comments can really make one's day.

You may not think that your words make a difference, but they do. You have the power to carry Christ to someone else--to offer verbal encouragement in the form of a "hey" and to lift up a momma's lonely heart.

May I ask you to leave a comment today? Not on my blog--I'm closing comments so you can go somewhere else--and not on one of those big, mega-mommy blogs that generate comments by the dozens.

I'm talking about a little ol' mom with a little ol' blog...

Like myself...

For whom an unexpected comment might make all the difference.

And now, a directive to all you locals: If you can make it down to Lanesboro before the close of the camping season--whether in  a tent for the weekend or for the day with your bikes--GO! The trails are hill-less and beautiful; and the pie at the end of it, amazing.

All of the photos from today's post & yesterday's post & the day before yesterday's post were taken on our ONE camping trip of the season.

Goodness, it restored my soul.


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