Thursday, August 15, 2013

On this Feast

16 years ago then...

And now.

Sixteen years ago this morning, I called my friend at 9:00 a.m. "Okay, so I'm in labor right now. Do I think I should be going to Mass?"

"You nut!" she responded. "Get to the hospital!"

We've loved celebrating his birthday on this great feast although logistically, yes, it can get a bit tricky.  Right now my husband is at the soccer field with the girls. My big boys are out playing basketball with a friend, (having wolfed down a birthday supper of this pizza), and are hanging out until Joe and I leave for swing dancing at seven.

Also? We've learned that the vigil Mass is a busy family's friend.

Throughout the past sixteen years, Our Lady has smiled at us more than just once. Indeed, I became a momma on her special feast (after years--and I mean years--of praying for the gift of a husband and kids) and for that...

Well, for that I owe her everything.


  1. Happy birthday to your son and so many blessings to you in your vocation as mother.

    On a more serious note, what is your secret to eternal youth? Because I sure would like to know how you managed it.

    1. It's called Photoshop, Sarah.

      (Only teasing.)

      (Though I was tempted to airbrush out my wrinkles. ; )

  2. Best Assumption post yet!

    Happy birthday blessings to your son!

    Happy feast day to you!

    You always look beautiful, right after giving birth and as an ol' lady.

    (haha--you know I'm kidding)

  3. Love this post, Margaret!

    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Happy Consecration Day to you!
    Happy Feast Day to ALL of you!

    Happy all around!

  4. A happy belated birthday wish to you ever growing son!

  5. Our wedding anniversary is Aug 15. Like you it has been a blessing but sometimes logistically crazy.
    Last year we were able to have a renewing of our vows at Mass (20th anniversary) with all of our children present. This year we were short one as he is already at school. I take my daughter to school on the 1st. Things are a changing around here. Every other anniversary for 20 years there was a new baby or one on the way. Now we are headed in the other direction, every couple years we'll be 'losing' one.

  6. Happy Birthday to your son. Hope there was a lot of celebrating going on. Sweet 16!!!!!


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