Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back-to-School Lunch Box Review: Crystal Farms Cheese Nibblers

There aren't many ways I've tried to "monetize" this blog although [honest blogging alert] I'm tempted sometimes because right now we have zero income.

(It's all good, though. God always provides.)

That said, sometimes I get asked to review a product in exchange for trying it out for free. I like those two words for free, by the way. They are extremely user-friendly. Plus we get to try products that we might not have otherwise, like No Name Steaks and got milk? Magic Straws.

(Yum-o. We liked them both and ate/drank them up.)

Well, the same goes for these Crystal Farms Cheese Nibblers. In other words, we ate them up! The company rep sent us eight little bags to sample, and--being nothing if not the most scientific geeky of homeschoolers--we decided to graph the results.

Nibblers Review


The Sour Cream & Onion flavor was fairly salty, I thought, although it tasted like feta and I love feta. My daughter Cate agreed, saying it's  "the best cheese I've ever tasted so far!"

"It's really good!" Felicity remarked, and George chimed in with a hearty "Great!" Even the baby said "Um! Num! Num!" although...

"I don't like cheese," observed Angela.

I found the Habanero-Seasoned Monterey Jack Nibblers to be different....but yummy. I like spice, as do my 12- and 10-year-olds. "Hot!" they said, "But still good."

Egg, Bean & Nibblers Breakfast
Okay, this was really yummy: a fried egg served on top of 
green beans with Chipotle Pepper NibblersLow-carb, delicious goodness!  

The rest of the family ran the gamut with their remarks. "Interesting," my husband remarked. "Huh. They're good. I like 'em."

"Fine," said Jem.

"No thanks," said George.

"I still don't like cheese," said Angela.

Clearly it depends on your audience! Most of us liked all the flavors; one of us didn't like any of them. My 15-year-old thought they tasted like "squishy chips" at first and I will admit, they're different. What I liked most is their single-serving size, which makes them ideal for tossing onto a salad or sprinkling on top of a breakfast burrito. They are are low in fat and reasonably high in protein; plus, the calcium & Vitamin D are a plus.

The real question is: would I try them again? If they were on sale, I would. They would be perfect for slipping inside my kids' lunch boxes, and this year, I got three of those.

How about you? What's your favorite lunch box add-in, and do ya think that you would try these nibblers?


  1. Oooh, I would love the smoky barbecue. Great snack idea!

  2. Ok, so they are actually cheese? What's not to love about that? I also love that you graphed your results. Too funny!

  3. I love the chart! Um num num.

  4. You make the best eggs..mine never evah turn out like that!


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