Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh-In Wednesday

When I originally started this series, way back in November of 2011, it was meant to be a source of encouragement and motivation: encouragement to you, my compatriots, and motivation to me, to get off my squishy bottom.

Now I don't know if I should continue. I mean, I know I should continue to eat well and exercise, but I don't know if the scale photos are all that helpful. One reader anonymously suggested that I stop worrying so much about the number on the scale and focus, instead, on healthful living.

It's hard, though, without the extrinsic motivation of losing weight. It's hard not to use that number as a goal.

The weekly weigh-in factors into many diet programs. When I did Weight Watchers after Angela was born, I lived to see that number go down every Saturday! Sounds extreme, doesn't it? And yet, it was highly motivating and helped keep me on track throughout the week.

I took all the baby weight off and then some. I got down to 107 and--here's the irony--was "too skinny" in my husband's opinion and "not skinny enough" in mine. Clearly there's something not quite right there, and for the record, I no longer think that's a healthy weight for my 5-foot frame. Plus once I reached my "lifetime" weight (a Weight Watchers term) I lost the extrinsic goal and ultimately gained the weight back.

There are healthy weights for our frames, as you know. I am within 15 pounds of mine and yet, I do NOT want that number on the scale to rule me. It's a tricky, tricky, tricky balance! Every day I have to make choices: over-eat or eat what I need? Hop on the treadmill or tell myself I'm "too busy?" Play with the kids at the park or sit on a bench and read?

(Okay, if it's a really good book I might do both.)

Bottom line is this, I guess: Does it matter to you if I continue this series? Would you ever be willing to link-up given the option, not with a scale photo but instead, to share your successes?

Inquiring minds (and squishy bottoms) want to know. ; )


  1. I do not personally care for weigh-in Wednesday, but that's just me. :-) You, though, you I love.

  2. I love weigh in Wednesday. I was doing this on Fridays but I am going to join you!!! Here is my link:

  3. I like them, weigh in Wednesdays, even if there are no numbers, I like the weighing in on health, on eating and choosing the right foods, on choosing the exercise that works for you and weighing in on how you do that. (or how we all do it) The number I don't care about but I like the weighing in. (does that make sense?) --like you did today.

  4. I think a weekly checking in on habits and behavior is a good thing. I don't think a weekly public weigh-in is a very positive version of it. The number is not something you can directly control. Your choices are something you can directly control. The number often reflects your choices, but not always.

    I like the metric of: Am I making choices that, if I continued them long-term, would support good health at a healthy weight?

    (An aside: I don't remember what you looked like at 107, but I'm betting your husband was right about it being too thin for you. I'm shorter than you and 108 was way too thin for me when I got down there.)

  5. I do a daily weigh in. It's the only thing that's kept my weight moving down. Knowing I will have to weigh in in the morning will keep me from overindulging in the evening. As for blogging it? I think that would be even more motivating but what do you think? Do you think it's helping you be accountable?

  6. I think weigh-in Wednesday is clever and good way to keep plugging away at your goals. Whether the goal be to lose weight, to eat better, to put your laundry away, etc.. could be up to those participating. If the number on the scale motivates you, then go for it! I'm a number person too and I have an idea in my head about where that number should be. Of course at 75 weeks pregnant (okay, okay, 32 weeks) I'm not paying attention to the number, but the food I eat...I should really be paying attention to that. This baby must share her momma's love for sweets...darn.

  7. Personally, I do not like Weigh In Wednesday and will often avoid reading it, but that's for personal reasons which have nothing to do with you. I support you in doing whatever works for you.

    I do have a lot I would want to say on the subject of numbers, eating regimes, etc, but you don't need to hear me go on! I can't help though with one thing, so please forgive me for clogging up your combox with my opinion ... you are so blessed to have a husband who loves you regardless of numbers, and a great big family of delightful children which your body nurtured, and a loving extended family, and such a beautiful spirit of your own. I'm not saying you shouldn't work on your weight to make yourself happy, I'm just saying that here's at least one woman who looks at you and thinks you're beautiful (inside and out) and incredibly blessed, and that is one reason why I don't care to see the number on your scale.

  8. I also think a weekly check-in of healthy habits can be a positive idea for your blog. Maybe even picking a topic, which could be anything from getting enough sleep to exercising to eating mindfully ... The number is not so important and can be discouraging for some. Also, sometimes the number is effected by things outside of one's control, and all the right things can take place just to find the number not moving down. This is me lately, and it is very hard. Yet, I know I'm making healthy choices, so I have to try to tell myself the number isn't (as) important as the good things I'm doing ... Anyway, we all need support in this area, so I like the weekly check-in idea. Perhaps just broaden the scope of it a bit more.

  9. I like the weighing in our how you are doing, but not the numbers. A healthy lifestyle should be the true goal, not a number. And just go read about the ingredients, hormones and pesticides in a lot of foods, yuck. Thats a lot of motivation right there! Of course... I still drink my Dr. Pepper. I grew up with the museum just a couple towns over, that soda is in my blood I tell ya!


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