Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I’m not going to post a photo of my scale but I can tell you right now that it appears to be stuck. It is stuck at a weight 15 pounds heavier than I’d like and the truth is, this doesn’t  surprise me.

The truth is, my  life is heavier than I’d like and if I don’t clear it out, I don’t think I’ll lose weight.

More on that later.

My Bookend Boys (Redux)

In other news, Francis has cut his first little tooth and 15-year-old Joe is learning to drive. Do you have any idea how scary this is? Not the tooth-cutting part—I've survived that one many times over—but rather, my child! My baby! Being in charge of a car at high speeds on the freeway!

Any advice and all prayers are welcome.

As far as the cluttered-up home/head/heart are concerned…I’ve got a game plan. I requested some Peter Walsh books from the library and am gutting my daughters’ room, as per this blog post. I am showing NO MERCY and know—believe, even—that they will thank me later. We are painting the walls—no more Pepto Bismol pink!—and hanging curtains from fabric the girls are picking out at Jo-Anns.

Would you like to see photos of the process? Or are you allergic to chaos and mess?

Finally, and most important of all, I am trying hard to declutter my heart. To that end, I am reading a wonderful book. A reader (Hi Natalie!) sent me Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Father Michael Gaitley and I highly HIGHLY recommend it.

(I’m starting his 33 Days to Morning Glory on Saturday.)

And that’s enough of a weigh-in for now!  If you’d like to weigh in with what you’re doing—your goals, your successes, your failures, your life—I would, as always, love to hear it.


  1. RE: driving I can totally relate! My oldest two are 17 (boy with license and new-used car) and 15 (girl with permit). St Christopher is my BFF!!

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    So glad you're enjoying Fr. Gaitley's book! It's one I need to turn to again. Such a wealth of information!

    Please share photos of the "gutting" of your daughters' room. It's something I desperately need to do to my children's rooms but haven't been able to muster up the courage yet. Maybe you'll give me the inspiration I need to get it accomplished!


  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Yes, I can totally relate to the driving thing too. My son has had his license since October. In those few short months he has gone from (more or less) driving back and forth to school a few miles to driving 40 miles one way to practice and work every weekday morning at 5am. A very fearsome prospect it has been, for this momma, but he has grown so much in maturity and confidence because he is handling this big responsibility and doing it well. He is doing something difficult for a purpose, and I am so proud of him. It's not been perfect, but it has been good. We have both grown from this experience. It's a good thing they don't come out of the womb with the desire to drive, isn't it? ;-) Patty

  4. Heavier, or fuller? Besides which, you look like a beautiful woman to me, I couldn't care in the slightest what you weigh. Are those extra 15 pounds supposed to make you less of a beauty because you have more of a body? Great big huge heavy full prayers for Joe, that he is surrounded by safety and confidence (but not too much confidence!) as her ventures forth on the roads of the world.

  5. I gotta reread this later and check out those books! Summer is flying by and I NEED to do something for my inner self ;)

    As far as driving...a wise homeschool mom once recommended this to me and it's worked wonders...second driver will get his license in Sept.

    Once he learns to drive that giant bus of yours around (or whatever he learns to drive...for us that's the only the vehicle we had around while dad was at work all day...)....once you are comfortable with his driving have him drive everywhere...Ok..ok...I still take the keys in rush hour sense momma having a heart attack on the freeway....but our permit carrying son drives whenever possible.

    Can't wait to see the room pics! No I am not overwhelmed...things like that give me hope :)

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I say "bring on the pics!!" I'm sure you'll inspire all of us!

    Set limits with the driving--like no friends in vehicle for at least a while, etc.

  7. I saw you today, and you looked beautiful to me!

    Don't get me started on the driving thing...eldest is 15 and we have not broached the subject mostly because I'm sure he knows I will be a wreck.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the room...My girls' room is pink on pink stripe with carousel horses...probably time for an upgrade.

  8. Consoling the Heart of Jesus is one FABULOUS book!!!
    Get a new driver sign for the car when #1 son is at the wheel. It tends to make cranky drivers a little less cranky when they know it is a new driver at the wheel eh ;-)

  9. Can't help you on the driving thing. My oldest is 12 :) If it makes you feel any better, I am 40 pounds over what I should be, and that's at 3 months after baby. So, you're a skinny minney compared to me (and I'm only 5ft 3in, so no height there to help!)

  10. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Once you figure out he can run those little errands for you (driving to the store to get milk etc. OR dropping off a sibling to practice etc) you will love him driving. Prayers for you.

  11. Anonymous8:29 AM

    so, just throw out the scale and there ya go!!! LOL!
    seriously (kinda), those numbers are just too much to focus on. You've got lots of little souls to care for and do they notice you focusing on your weight numbers? you may want to pray on that, so that they are not too overly concerned with them as they grow up. Just an idea. you are an inspiration to lots of us homeschooling moms.
    now, go pray!!!
    God bless you~~~!!!

    1. Thank you. I needed to read this.

  12. I love household purging--I'm almost addicted. Post pics for sure. Before and afters!!

  13. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Love those smiling boys! I think I've said this before, but your family makes me want to just keep having babies so that someday I'll have those teens smiling and newborns and seeing all that love. It's beautiful! And I agree with not worrying about the numbers. We need to try to be healthy, but that's a lot more than just the number on the scale!

  14. We just re did my oldest daughter's room, pictures to come soon, in the next installment of Thankful Thursday...Can't wait to see yours!!

    I'd love to do that to my middle girls' room, but I'm afraid if I get rid of all their stuff, well, they might develop a hoarder mentality when they grow up from the shock of it all. (mommy taking away everything)

    I'm curious if that 33 days thing is similar to the ST Louis de Montfort one, this is my 18th year doing it...just started yesterday!

    Let me know how it is....

  15. how is that babe sitting up on his own already?! I guess my babes are weeble wobles!


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