Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stuff and Not Fluff on a Saturday

Checking in with this impish grin to say…

Irish Eyes

OMGoodness, I love this book. I am thinking lots of lofty thoughts and you know, I am fond of lofty thoughts! On a good day they draw me closer to God.

I finished Week I yesterday (St. Louis de Montfort) and have started in on the writings on St. Maximilian Kolbe. This passage in particular touched my heart, especially when it comes to writing and blogging:
“There’s another kind of purity: purity of intention. A person practices purity of intention when he directs his thoughts, words, and actions not to himself or another creature but to a divine purpose or mission, and ultimately to God.” [emphasis mine]
Lots to ponder. Lots & lots of lofty thoughts.

I will be back, God willing and for His greater glory. I am thinking about doing a post a day next week, as per the challenge issued by Jen @ Conversion Diary. My hope is that if I schedule my blogging, it will be less random. More: “I’m going to write about this on Monday” and less “I think I’ll blog instead of doing the dishes!”

Something like that, anyway.

Meanwhile, I’d like to leave you with the following quality home video. Francis is seven months today (!) and we have started him on solids. OMGosh, his culinary world has EXPLODED. You would think that I'd been starving the kid these past few months but I assure you...

...I have not.

My favorite part? The frantic arm wave. Also? I do not normally feed him on the table like that but I am, if you must know, a busy mom of many and sometimes we do what we gotta do.

As in, that started out as my bowl of oatmeal.

As in, yes we do indeed have a high chair but sometimes he's all, like, FEED ME SEYMOUR! FEED ME NOW!

Now leave me alone. ; )


  1. Oh. My. How can you stand all that cuteness? FEED THAT BOY!!!

  2. Oh, so fun to hear your voice and see that sweet baby in motion!!! And that video goes right into a "easily amused" video--ADORABLE!!!! Baby giggles!

  3. If I do the challenge, then, well, It's just too much, it's summer man!! I'd rather do that every day stuff in the winter.

    Looking forward to reading your posts every day though, just like old times!!

    1. Jamie, you make me smile. We are in the middle of a HUGE project--moving the girls from their bursting-at-the-seems bedroom into the huge room over the garage--and your "It's summer man!" was exactly what I needed to read. It IS summer and I need to stop taking this day so seriously.

      I'm thinking, Doritos & guacamole on the deck. : )

  4. I am loving that book right now too!

  5. I loved this video! So great hearing your voice - it's less American than I assumed it would be :-) (That's a compliment, lol.) And that is suuuuuch a cute little boy :-)

  6. I can't believe it! Just yesterday a friend was raving about this book! Hmm. Maybe I am supposed to read it too? Your little boy is such a cutie pie! I got tears in my eyes just looking at him.

  7. I am re-reading "33 Days ..." for the 3rd time! But I think you know that already ... SO glad you are loving it, too! It's one of my favorite books!

  8. I follow your blog (and love it:) and just had to mention that I also love that book and am in the exact same place. I'll say a prayer for you before my daily meditations.

    You have a beautiful family!


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