Thursday, June 13, 2013

Food for Thought

This spoke to my heart this morning. Perhaps it will speak to your heart, too.

“My Lord, I long for a ray of heavenly wisdom, so that I may not be unreasonable in my judgments and opinions about others. You treat each person as an individual. You do not ask me to be like others in my ways. You only want me to take the talents and circumstances in my life, and to make the most of them. You ask us to imitate You as far as we are able, according to the intelligence and grace which each one has. Let me not judge rashly those who do not do things my way. I want to follow Your holy will in all things. Though I observe the mistakes and faults of others, I will try to refrain any harsh judgments. If I cannot say something kind of another, I will keep silent. Amen.”

From the wee little gem My Daily Bread

Have a blessed Feast of St. Anthony! We will be celebrating, one delicious way or another!



  1. I just started this dear book again - a little gem indeed! Don't you love it?!
    Blessed feast day to you and yours!

  2. Oh yes. I needed to read that.

    Many blessings to your Anthony on his feast day.

    My prove you're not a robot word is "formation."

  3. Love the "My Daily Bread" it is a life changer for sure. Praying for your Dad and your family as he goes through this cancer treatment.


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