Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Pretty Happy Funny Real}

The “Guess Who’s 6 Months Old Already?” Edition


“Pretty” = the hot pink fingernails on his big sister.

Water Park I

Look, this is a post about a baby boy. I had to work in “pretty” somewhere.


Happy is a sassy arms-akimbo. Happy is “Yeah, I had a baby at an advanced maternal age. You wanna make something of it?”

6 Months I

Happy is wearing super chic matching sunglasses, courtesy of Picmonkey overlays. We are nothing if not stylin’ except...referring to oneself as stylin’ is decidedly NOT stylin’. Oh well. Any lack of coolness is to be blamed on that advanced maternal age.

And finally, happy is [finally] losing a wee little bit of that baby weight. (Thus the sassy arms-akimbo.) Six months on...six months off. Right?

Um, yeah. Good thing I got another three months to go.


Funny (or not so funny, depending on one’s level of patience) is a 4-year-old imp trying to be in all the pictures.

Water Park II

Water Park III

I was such a 4-year-old imp. My niece—the first grandchild—was born with bright blue eyes and a pair of the most darling dimples you’ve ever seen. You can bet I resented all the photos of her and you can bet I wheedled my way into most of them.

For that reason and because I do remember, I am trying my best to be patient with George. He’s going through some growing pains.


Real is thinking, has it been six months already? I mean, I distinctly remember when Francis looked like this:

Total Surrender

And now? Well, I guess you could say he’s changed.

Soccer Tourney Mascot

Happy half birthday, little man.

Please visit Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {P, H, F, R}. And do keep an eye on those little ones, will you? They grow up so fast.


  1. Oh my goodness, I saw the pregnancy test under real before I read what it said, so I thought you were expecting again! Francis is really darling playing in the water.

    1. Me too! I definitely had to reread!!!

  2. Me too!!! I read, he's six months, so ... Look! Ha LOL

  3. Love the sass!!! ("Wanna make something of it?" Hee!) you look fabulous!

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The best time saver I've found with a newborn is most definitely pizza for my other kids! Papa Johns has a buy one get one free going on now through the 4th!! The Promo code is MNFREE, this seriously is the best and healthiest pizza on the planet!!!!

  5. Happy Half Birthday to your sweetie. We always celebrate half birthdays..with a half a cake too!

    You look great. Congrats on your weight loss! It is much harder in the 40's to do!

  6. Happy 6 months!! Happy Half birthday to him :)
    He looks so cute!


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