Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Lenten Crowns

We finally got around to making a salt dough crown of thorns.

Lenten Crowns I

What? There are still two and a half weeks left of Lent. We’re doing well!

Lenten Crowns IV

(Haven’t yet made a papal lap book, though.)

(Fingers crossed. Please no pope until we get it done!) 

Hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, and when it comes to cooking & cleaning & praying & teaching & planning & driving & breaking up fights…

Lenten Crowns VI

Well, frankly I’m lucky that anything gets done.

(Mind, it’s not done perfectly.)

(Much as I would like it to be.)

Felicity’s a lot like me in this arena. She likes her projects to be “perfect”, and so when we were making these crowns on Monday morning, she insisted that she would do it herself.

Lenten Crowns V

Ever the would-be bossy helpful big sister, Cate remarked dryly, “Felicity, you are going to be a very prideful woman.”

Lenten Crowns III
“Look, Momma!”

Lenten Crowns II
“It’s a twoss!”

In the end, they all made their own. Angela calls George’s crown “the sea urchin.” (See below.) I tell her to shush and she does…for the moment. 

With Angela, everything is “for the moment.”

Lenten Crowns VIII

And so it goes.

And it’s still Lent.

We all have our own crowns of thorns, don’t we?


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