Monday, March 11, 2013

Naughty Little Mommy Monkey

I got back from dropping the boys off at school this morning and my 3-year-old met me at the door. “George is a bad little monkey!” he told me. “Really?” I asked. “What did he do?”

“Him opened up the gate where the bunnies were!” he said enthusiastically. “Them eyes popped open and the babies runned away! Him tried to catch them but them ran too fast.”

“Isn’t he a bad little monkey?” George grinned.

And I thought, well, no, he meant well and I think George—as in George the monkey and my son—are both very sweet. I’m reminded that most of us mean well, especially when we work so hard for our families but get our priorities mixed up, and that God, in His mercy, smiles at how we “let the bunnies escape.”

Speaking of which...

I keep telling the girls to “Stop [insert distracted activity here] and go do your school!” and yet, look at me. Many blessings on your week, everyone!


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