Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday Fight for Life

Subtitled: A Person’s a Person…

I changed my mind about not blogging until Easter when I received an email from Kalley Yanta this morning. Apparently the Planned Parenthood people are hosting a “party” outside the St. Paul abortuary (the 3rd largest one in the country, incidentally) today, complete with live band and food truck. Their goal, no doubt, is to celebrate a woman’s right to have an abortion, though they will also, I’m sure, try to drown out the Pro-Life people across the street.

I have kept vigil outside an abortion clinic before. I know that we are neither respected nor tolerated for our beliefs; rather, we are screamed at and cursed at and repeatedly given the middle finger.

We are like Our Lord on the first Good Friday.

We are like Him then; we are like Him now.

Ed. Note: The following was originally posted on 5/31/11.

Last Wednesday, the kids and I attended a Day of Mourning at the future site of the new St. Paul abortuary.


It is an enormous structure that takes up the entire block and, once it is built, will be the 3rd largest abortion provider in the U.S.


In the words of Sarah Stoesz, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, it is to be their “brand new flagship headquarters and state-of-the-art health center”

(You can see the video that I’m quoting here.)


“This is a terrific thing,” Stoesz goes on to say, although, she admits, “I understand the nature of our opposition.”

We are the opposition.


Day of Mourning II
(Erin of Bearing)




We are the moms & dads & teens & children who do not think this building’s a “terrific” thing. We do not welcome this new construction. We would prefer that these babies live.

Day of Mourning IV
This is Kalley Yanta. She is an amazing, faith-filled wife and mother of six who is spearheading the protests against this huge abortuary.

You can see a series of videos on her mission beginning here.

Her message is directed to the construction workers, who, Kalley believes, deserve to know the ultimate end of all their effort. Yes, these are hardworking men who need to provide for their families, but should they do so at the cost of 1000’s of lives?

They are building a brand new Auschwitz.

Day of Mourning V
This is Brian Gibson, the executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries. He, too, is a tireless defender of the unborn.

Pray for him.

This photo shows the size of a preborn baby at 16 weeks. In Minnesota, abortions are legal up to 17 weeks.

What do the doctors and nurses think?

What do they do with all the bits and pieces as they remove the baby from the womb?

Day of Mourning VIII

They throw them away, is what.

Day of Mourning III
This is my friend, Tina Robbins. She served as the liaison between Kalley Yanta and our homeschool co-op, and is 100% committed to the Pro-Life movement.

Like Kalley, she is an all-or-nothing kind of gal.

We need people like them in the Pro-Life fight.

400 balloons were released last Wednesday, one balloon for every ten babies that were aborted in St. Paul in 2009.


3,996 babies.


3,996 babies.


3,996 babies.

It is worth your time to watch this video, in particular, the testimonies of women who have had abortions. (They begin around the 2:22 mark.)


Abortion is not a choice that is pro-woman.

Abortion leaves women wounded.


Tell me again that this is a “terrific” building...


And I will tell you...

I don’t agree.


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