Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Snippets

Ed. Note: I had originally intended to publish this as part of “7 Quick Takes Friday,” then thought, hey, if I post it on Sunday I can leave the comments open! Is that…cheating, do you think? Of course it is! So sue me!

Better yet, get my husband to sue me. He needs the work.


Speaking of John, he had a birthday last week. (He’s four years younger than his wife! Quelle scandale.) Cate made his cake using a recipe from one of my very favorite cookbooks: a box mix doctored up with white chocolate and frosted with strawberry buttercream.

John's 42nd II

Yum. We definitely kept the “love” in Lent last Thursday.


Except...have you ever noticed that the bigger your family, the hardest it is to get a decent picture?

John's 42nd V

Of course you’ve noticed.

John's 42nd III

People come and go and never seem to stay put...

John's 42nd I

You get my point, I’m sure.


In the end, I did manage to take a photo I like.

John's 42nd IV



So I’ve been thinking about bringing back my Weigh-in Wednesday Series. Thoughts? For one thing, I’ve got a good twenty pounds of baby weight left and I like the accountability.

Weigh-In Wednesday (12.7.11)
Not My Current Weight! Sigh.

I need those weekly photos, you know? Without them, my toenails just wouldn’t get painted.


When I'm not not painting my toenails,  I am trying to make time for read-alouds. I am absolutely on board with Sarah's Read-Aloud Revival, and on that note, I absolutely recommend this book. (I found my copy at our library and am on the second renewal already.) You will come away convicted, trust me! Get it. Read it. Apply its wisdom.

Thank you, Suzanne, for the recommendation.♥


Do you plan to watch the Oscars tonight? Ordinarily I am a huge proponent of the ceremony but will not be in the TV audience tonight. (It’s a Seth MacFarlane thing. I’m just not a big fan of Family Guy or of the movie Ted, for that matter.)

Thanks but no thanks.

That man’s the devil.

(What? It’s true.)


And that’s it! That’s all I got. Leave a comment, please, because you can.



  1. Oh, I love the Read-Aloud Handbook. He has a companion volume called Hey! Listen to This! which has some selections for reading -- a great way to start.

  2. Funny you wrote about weigh in Wednesdays, I just wrote about getting rid of my scale! Inside I want to join you, but God is calling me to step.away.from.the.scale!

  3. Happy Birthday, John!! Looks like a wonderful celebration!

    Margaret, if you love The Read-Aloud Handbook, you will love what we will talk about at the book party! (BIG grin!)

  4. Wendy5:54 PM

    Happy Birthday John!

    Thanks for the reading tip, I will have to check it out. I love a good read.

    Your Lenten offering of "comments closed" is hard on all of us. The feedback is fun (and inspirational) to read. With t is Penance for us all :)

  5. Happy Birthday MN mom's hubby eh!
    No "fasting" (from comments) allowed on sunday....I am sure it is written somewhere in a canon law book ;-)

  6. Nothing really to say, just popping in to say "Hi" while I can. I love the "photobomb" shot. Seriously cracked me up!

  7. Hello! Hello! Happy Sunday! Happy Birthday! Hello! Yes, the photo bomb is a riot. A bit of a contrast from the last post's picture.
    Have a blessed week!

  8. We've been reading aloud together at night since Jonny was a little baby. Eleven years! I kind of wish I'd kept a list of all the books we've read, but I haven't. I've reread lots of them, too, as the younger set grows older. Some I read every year: Little House in the winter, Charlotte's Web in June. Some books just really go with certain seasons. (Oh, and I make the kids fold the big ole pile of laundry while I read. Kills two birds with one stone. :-) )

  9. The photobomb!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!! :) Happy birthday to your hubby, too.

  10. Yay, comments open!

    First, the photobomb was awesome. Every picture is better with a baby photobomb.

    Second, I am so glad to know there is someone else out there who is not a Seth MacFarlane fan! It seems like people I talk to think I'm overreacting, but his shows are terrible!!

    Third, I want to do WeighIn Wednesday, but my disgust about my post partum body is at an all time high. Super high. I don't know if I could take it to share it all on the blog.

    Fourth, Happy birthday to your man. And yes, it is impossible to get a picture of all of them together. :)

  11. It's a delight to leave a comment! Happy birthday to your husband.

    I've never heard of Seth MacFarlane, but I just looked him up ... I've always refused to touch Family Guy with a barge pole. Yuck. But what's even more grotesque to me is that he gets $50,000 an episode! It seems wrong that people earn so much money for creating mindless entertainment when people like teachers are so poorly paid and so many more people are out of work and going hungry. I know it's politically incorrect to say that, and perhaps Mr MacFarlane is a great donator to charity. And I'm sorry for such a long, ranting comment! I really should shut up for Lent.

  12. I love the Read-Aloud-Handbook too. I love reading aloud chapter books to my older two. It's great bonding time, and it's so good for their literacy too. I had a teacher for 11th grade English who used to read aloud to us. I thought at the time it was a little bit of a strange use of class time to read stories to 16 and 17 year olds, but it was so worthwhile. We just wouldn't have understood half of it on our own, or enjoyed it.
    I wouldn't worry about your weight if I were you, but if you want to post your pictures, go for it!

  13. Hi friend! Not cheating. I say so... OK? Love all the pics but the photobomb is the best! Weigh in Wednesdays might be fun. I'll be happy to post how much I've lost but no way in heck am I going to post my numbers. I'm not as brave (or as tiny) as you. Have a great week and I look forward to next Sunday.

  14. Who is Seth McFarlane and why is he the devil? Happy birthday, John!

  15. I like George staring and the photobomber... I'd love to know what was in his head :)

  16. Yyaay!!!! Weekly weigh ins, yes. We can actually be working on it at the same time (although, I have a ton more to lose)

    I had no idea who this Seth guy was, then saw on the news who and thought, "Why the heck would they pick him?" OH, well...I don't watch, but like to see the dresses afterward.

    Oh, and half in the house say it's cheating, half say it's not. I say it's not. It's the way I was raised. I did NOT get up and exercise early today. (that's my big lent thing, I have lots of small things)

  17. Oscars? What is this of which you speak? No idea. No Oscars. Not for a million $$. Ok. That was just a little fib, but I'd have to do it with the sound off. Yuck. Blech.

    Love the red toenails. I'd come and give you a pedicure, if I lived next door. Pedi/mani night is Saturday in our house. :-)

    Put that photobomber on a Greyhound bus and we'll give him one, too. Poor. little. photobomber.

  18. It is not fair to post cute baby pictures when we can't comment! Happy birthday to your husband! And please post more cute baby pictures along with anything else even if we can't comment. Still love seeing your post!



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