Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Funny: A Birth Story

Part III

The thing about being induced is that you have too much time to think things through—and yet, when it comes to labor, delivery, and birthin’ babies, there are never any guarantees.

For your convenience, I have categorized the whole experience.

.:The Good:.

Birth Story IV

Being induced was good for me, because I hadn’t slept for about a month and was several days overdue at that point. An earthier mother would have been more patient. I was more like, “Bring it on.”

Birth Story V
My Cozy Bedchamber 

Plus I basically had the whole wing to myself.

We picked a very good night to birth our baby.

Birth Story I
Nurses Jessica & Gina and Doctor Mary: 
This is the crew that got me through.

My nurses were named Gina and Jessica. They were lovely young women—warm & friendly & mothers themselves—and we spent two very pleasant hours during the “calm before the storm.”

And then, my friends, the pitocin kicked in.

.:The Bad:.

Being induced was also bad for me, because I went from 4 centimeters to 10 in roughly 30 minutes. Big, BIG ouch, no doubt about it. I felt like the temple veil was being torn in two. There was no time for that peaceful water birth—no time for anything other than squatting in agony at the side of the bed.

The contractions crashed over me, one after another. “Get me an epidural!” I gasped in between them, and my husband fled to get a nurse.

In the end, there was no time. I signed the paperwork, in between groans, but my body had other plans for us. The side of that bed was where I needed to be and my husband would later remark that it looked like I was doing “The Twist” down there, because with every contraction my body would rotate and sway. (How prudent of him to wait until later to say this!)  My doctor burst into the room at that point and looked a little startled to find me squatting there—twisting the night away, as it were—but she quickly recovered and started to get things ready.

And then my water burst all over the floor.

.:The Funny:.

“I need to push!” I gasped.

“That’s good!” she responded. “I just need you to get in the bed, okay?”

I didn’t budge. I couldn’t budge. It was all just way too much.

“Margaret, honey?” my doctor persisted. “I need you to get into the bed for me.”

Uh-huh. Sorry. No can do.

At that point, my husband intervened. “Get in the bed, Maggie,” he directed, and grasping my elbow gently but firmly, my husband did what he does best. He made it happen. (Gotta love those Type-A lawyers.)

Two pushes later, our son was born. My legs were shaking from exertion but he was here—in my arms and without the epidural, which—at the very least—would save us a few bucks later on.

Best of all, he was healthy and hearty and did I mention?  In my arms!

Birth Story III

Our baby boy Nicholas was here.

He was here

Birth Story II

Birth Story VI

Birth Story VII

.:The End:.

(Which, of course, is just the beginning.)


  1. I am so, so glad he is here and that you are all well. Your story brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Yay!!!! You got great pictures--even one of you without lipstick --(you look beautiful)

    I never get photos of my nurses...I shoulda.

    I read all these I read this one first...then commented the other way--in the right order.

    Daddy with baby melts my heart....all daddies with their babies melt my heart...beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing, how are you feeling now?

  3. Fabulous! When does the film come out? ;-)

    PS I am so very sorry the handsome anesthesiologist didn't play a role in your story, but all the better in hindsight.

    PSS And yes, pitocin is a trip, though not the good kind. Been there and done that three whole times. Noah is the only blessed child who managed to do it by himself -- all 8 lbs 10 oz of him -- nothing like the weight of a watermelon to push that ol' birth canal open -- and a Marian Feast day ;-).

  4. Love the strategically placed snowflake!

  5. That was a fast and furious 30 minutes! Glad he was born safe and sound. What a precious baby boy!

  6. Love the snowflake too! Fast labors hurt SOOOO bad, but then they're done. Thankfully!! You're amazing :)

  7. Great photos and great story, written with the customary wit.
    Nicholas is just beautiful. Congratulations on his arrival.
    May you and yours be richly blessed.

  8. Thanks for the great record of your birth it!
    So thrilled for the whole family.

  9. Okay, I forgive you for the suspense :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and pictures. God bless you and that precious peanut. Good job!

  10. For some reason my doctor always orders pitocin for each of my deliveries. I come naturally without an induction, but he likes the pitocin to help move things along. I've also never had an epidermal; I'm too scared of them.

    It sounds like you did wonderful. I don't think I could have done the squat part. He is a beautiful baby!

  11. Thank you for sharing - he is beautifull! For a moment I thought you were going to say that you refused your doctor and went through with the delivery beside the bed - I hear that in some cultures that's ok (standing), but here - not so much.
    May God bless your entire family!

  12. I also find the snowflake sweet.
    sounds like it really hurt!

    You and babe ...Dad and guys are blessed beyond blessed.

    Get those pics coming! Those babies grow up too fast.

    my nostril pressed against the screen is trying a little too hard to smell that newborn smell.

  13. Now I have that song in my head ("come on baaaabaaaaay! Let's do the twist!"). Seriously though, I'm so glad it's all over, and he is here! I did snicker a bit at part 2. I may not be able to sit on that exercise ball by the time baby Cecilia comes. So there. I could squash you :)

  14. Congratulations! I was concerned when I heard that you were having an induction, but your experience sounds great - at least as great as an induced labour could be. I'm absolutely amazed that you could look so beautiful after just having given birth - but you do.

    It's a shame the doctor insisted you got into bed. Standing to deliver is a much easier, less painful, way to go about things. I had a C-section myself, but my cousin gave birth vertically, and said it was a huge improvement, far more natural, than lying in a bed. Gravity is your friend!

  15. I just love a good birth story. And being pregnant myself makes it all the more real. You have a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations.

  16. Congratulations, Margaret and family! I think "The Twist" part should be under the "funny" section...cause I laughed. :)

  17. and I had "pit" three times also...that stuff hurts!

  18. Patty3:50 PM

    Love daughter was born in 66 minutes after things got going with her delivery. I had been on pit for several hours with zero discomfort and no progression, but boy howdy did things get going after the dr. broke my water. Two cm to delivered in 66 minutes. It was a wild ride but so worth it.

    What a delivery! Been there! Congratulations!

  19. What a beautiful story. Seeing this makes me wish I'd got pictures of my surgical team. They were so wonderful and did such an amazing job. Guess I'll just have to hold on to my memories.

  20. Anonymous5:50 PM

    That is the way us grand multips birth. putter....putter...........putter....get hit by a bus...BABY!!!
    My active labor for the last 4 or so (out of 10) has only been 15-45 minutes each.

  21. Anonymous5:55 PM

    oh yeah and girl you are so NOT the first mom to squat next to the bed and make interesting noises and moves.
    I let a groan rip during the birth of number 9 that a nurse (not mine) came running in the room from the hallway sure I was about to birth the baby right there next to the bed. She kept insisting I get in the bed, I kept telling her to chill out. I *did* get in the bed once my doc showed up and birthed balanced on the edge, bless the doctors that catch wherever YOU wanna be.

  22. I love birth stories. I especially love a birth story from a dear lady. Thanks for sharing the birth-day story of sweet Nicholas. I think about you every day and send happy thoughts and a little prayer your way. Give love to Nicholas from all of us in Blogland.

  23. Congrats, and I love reading your birth story. In an earlier post you mentioned Dr. Mary and I wondered if it would be that Dr. Mary, she visited us when I was in the hospital after having my daughter. I go to Dr. Kobbermann, but Dr. Mary is so nice too! Actually, I don't think you can go wrong, Dr. Anderson actually delivered my daughter since it ended in a c-section and he's awesome, I'd never hesitate to use him again, he was a calm before the storm, he prayed with my husband and I before performing the surgery. I don't know if you remember, but over 2 years ago now when I was moving to MN after getting married I emailed you about which doctor you went to, and I just want to thank you for your recommendation :) It's been such a blessing!

  24. What a great story! I can totally relate to not quite feeling like doing what the doctor says at that one extremely urgent moment you DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS, lol. I remember after being induced with my second, when the epidural had just run out and there was no time for more, and I was feeling the pain big time and felt unable to get even one more push out of my battered body, and the baby was about halfway out, and I was gasping that really, I just could NOT do it, and the doctor said calmly "We're in a really awkward position down here and we REALLY need one more push!". The thought of just what the "awkward position" might be managed to shove me into action one last time. Turned out the baby had the cord around his neck twice and was plum betty purple, and spent about an hour in the NICU with "grunting respirations" before he came around completely. Oh well, he's 21 now and doing well, no harm no foul, but what an experience! Congrats on your sweet new baby boy!

  25. Love the snowflake. And John's loving command!

  26. So happy that your baby boy is safely in your arms. Thank you for sharing his beautiful birth story!

  27. Love the story! I had one of those type of births where the doctor told me I had to turn over or the baby wasn't coming out. Yeah, right, just couldn't do it. "You HAVE to turn over!" Sorry, ain't gonna happen! "YOU HAVE TO TURN OVER!" well, then, someone will have to do it for which point the doctor and my husband flipped me over and presto, the baby came out!!! God bless you and your new baby.

  28. Love the story. My 1st was c-section, 2nd pitocin with no epidural, rest better. Guess what. I'll take the C over pitocin sans epidural if we are blessed again. You go girl! Glad it was quick. Glad you are feeling oh so much better. You both look beautiful!

  29. God bless your doctor for listening to you. I'm happy you got the birth you wanted.


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