Monday, January 28, 2013

Postcards from Minnesota

After a week (or so) of Arctic weather, we’ve got snow and balmy temps in the 30’s.

You know what that means, don’t you? Recess! Outside! While baby naps and Mommy blogs.*

Snow Day II

(Because said Mommy is just that desperate.)

Hey, we do what we can to survive the doldrums, even breaking out the cornstarch & water when necessary. We had been out of this key preschool ingredient for about a month, and with the gray days of January hanging heavy upon us, I finally asked John if he would please please PLEASE run out and buy some.

Tone Totch II

George was so happy and said that Daddy got extra Nini points for bringing home “tone totch” from the store.

That’s pretty cute, right?

And pretty much very worth the mess.

Ed. Note: By “blogging” I mean posting on mine, not reading others. For the love of all things Matthew & Mary, please stop talking about Downton Abbey! I know, I know--it’s all my fault. I should have known better than to wait for the DVD.


  1. I'm all over the cornstarch oobleck, but I do not let them have access to the food color. You are a VERY brave woman, indeed! Made of sterner stuff than I am!


    enjoy ;-)

  3. I concocted oobleck this morning, giving strict instructions, "Keep it in the jelly roll pan!" They didn't. But the nice thing - it was a surprisingly easy mess to clean up. Thanks for the reminder to make oobleck.


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