Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carpe Vino Collage


  1. Ha! That's definitely a true statement as my husband has decided to become a wine maker and the kids always beg to sample, and he gives in and so now whenever we have wine they ask to try some. Uh, no. :-) They even know the proper "swish and smell" technique. Homeschooling at its best.
    Have a great, great, great Thanksgiving! We will keep your family in our prayers, dear Margaret!

  2. I remember that!!! Wow, she's grown, huh? Guess the wine didn't stunt her growth! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, eat and rest today!

  3. Heeee!!! Happy Thanksgiving! We are all thankful for YOU!

  4. Hannabert imbibed in my hard cider...


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