Sunday, August 12, 2012

Taking an iBreak

Do you remember when I asked if you'd work really hard for a month to earn an iPad? (It was one of the "takes" in my last "7 Quick Takes" post. I'd link to it but I'm lazy.)

Well, this is is the month and I'm going to go for it.

I've been asked to review five iBooks by a local company that's produced them. They are engaging books but HARD--we're talking Macbeth, Beowolf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the poetry of William Blake, and assorted sonnets. In exchange for completing these reviews by the end of the month, I get to keep the iPad...which is a first edition version but still. I have always wanted an iPad and my husband has always said NO. (It's a "we're broke" and "he's a PC guy" kind of thing.)

Oh, and I get paid for each book that I finish.

It's clearly a win/win proposition, in my opinion--win/win AND focus/focus. It can be hard for a blogger to focus, and so I'm not going to BE a blogger...

...for the next couple weeks.

(Unless I work REALLY hard and can afford a break.)

So there you go! My impending absence has been explained--perhaps unnecessarily--and I will see you on the other side.

With love and iHugs,


  1. Wow, good luck! I'm not sure I could get through all of those while being a mom. Btw, Evelyn and Charlie LOVED if you ever want to send some kiddos, say when your hubby gets a job or you get a large inheritance, I believe mine will be going back with some siblings as well. Love you.

  2. You go Margaret! And good luck getting that iPad! You'll be missed here, but we'll get by :)

  3. Good for you, Margaret! My hubby just rec'd an ipad for work and really likes it thus far.

  4. Get reading, woman, iPads are fun! And educational, of course. It's all for the children . . . ;-)
    Good luck!

  5. Will miss you and any baby update. Do not stay away too long!

  6. ps...I do not have an ipad...sigh.

  7. Good luck! Thanks for the heads up... we'd go crazy wondering what happened to you otherwise. :)

  8. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Ahhhhh.... My daughter goes to a catholic high school in Wisconsin and you just gave her sophomore reading list. Great books!


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