Monday, August 17, 2009

For the Love of Our Lady

et me begin by saying that I love our Blessed Mother with all my heart.

I have written before about Mary’s beautiful intercession in our family— about her granting us the very birthdays we’d picked for our children, and about the time a statue of Mary smiled at us.

Why is it, then, that my outward devotions to this august Queen of Angels are so sadly lacking? As is the case with almost everything in my life, the good intentions are there but the follow-through is less than perfect.

It’s a good thing she loves me as I am.

I am the sort of person who needs those holy days of obligation. I need the Magisterium to be a loving (but stern) parent; I need to be dropkicked out the door to make it to the church on time.

(Did you make it to Mass for the Feast of the Assumption? Good for you if you did! I did not, and I was so disappointed that the readings were not transferred to Sunday. I should have checked into this beforehand; I should have gone to Mass on Saturday anyway; I should have written my bishop to say keep this year’s feast a holy day of obligation!)

(Not that my lone little opinion would have swayed them.)

All this to say, I am very happy for any book, any practice, that will help me to live out my faith more fully. Meredith Henning’s Mondays with Mary fits the bill but perfectly.

I love this book. Meredith makes it very easy to start small—Having a cup of tea with my children while talking about Mary? I can do that!—and then go from there. There are many Marian feast days to choose from, and even some that I had never even heard of.

You stand to learn a lot about Mary in reading this lovely book.

Meredith offers many, many beautiful suggestions on how to honor Our Lady with a sweet treat and a craft of some sort, though don’t let that word “craft” fill you with fear. A coloring page and a cookie will be just as memorable because it is something that we’ve done with our children for the love of Our Lady.

Devotion to our Blessed Mother should be daily, though please take that word “should” with a grain of salt. Liturgical activities should stem from love, not obligation, because…

Apart from a handful of feast days, there are no obligations when it comes to Our Lady.

There are only acts of love.

* Here is the link to order Mondays with Mary through Amazon.

* To order an autographed copy using PayPal, click here.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,


  1. Oh, Margaret you are so sweet and honest. I did make it to Mass on Saturday but am so disappointed every year when those Holy Days are not days of obligation. I also was disappointed to see only the regular daily Mass goers (mostly older people)!

    (of course I will not be discussing my disappointments with my parents, wouldn't they love that?)

    I am so intrigued by that book, I hope your post gets a ton ordered, and what honor you have given Our Lady by doing that? Planting a seed. That can produce sooo much fruit!!

  2. Oh, Margaret,
    I, too, thought the feast day had been moved to Sunday (and I even called, but apparently talked to someone not-so-in-the-know). When I realized at Mass on Saturday evening that I missed the liturgy for Our Mother I had to wipe away tears of frustration, while still trying to appreciate that I was there for the Eucharist. Talk about contradictory feelings!

    I will check out the book -- thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Our parish didn't have any Masses for the Assumption. I wish our bishops would buck up and stop acting like we are such wimps we can't handle the "burden" of going to Mass on these days that should carry an obligation. O Mary Conceived without Sin, Pray for Us Who Have Recourse To Thee!!
    -from a daughter of Mary

  4. I'm so glad it's not an holy day of obligation -YET - as I totally did not make it to Mass either. I feel terribly about it as well. I, too, thought it would transfer over to Sunday, but nope. Ugh.
    Next Sunday will be read my favourite from Peter, "Lord, to Whom shall we go? You have the words of Eternal Life." I'm all giddy to go!

    I'll order that book soon. I want to be in my house first. :)

  5. You are going to leave us just like that?

    I hope you are getting ready for school, both in mind and spirit!!

    God bless you, you will be missed, especially by me! Don't worry though, I'll be off having a baby and not reading anyway....did you say that computer in the hospital room has internet access? (just kidding!)

  6. Margaret, you are the sweetest!! And don't worry, I prayed for you at Mass on Saturday, so you're covered ;-) Your beautiful review is clearly written with love and I am so honored that you do love it and wanted to share about it here!! Many blessings to you my sweet friend, Our Lady of the Smile, pray for us :)


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