Monday, September 15, 2008

A Simple Idea for Our Lady of Sorrows

Isn’t Holy Mother Church wise to have paired the feast of The Triumph of the Cross with Our Lady of Sorrows? I love how our liturgical lesson plans pretty much write themselves!

Here’s a simple idea for a quiet activity:

1. Print out one copy of Charlotte’s beautiful coloring pages for each child. (She did two different images for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows; here is the first, and here is the second. Both are lovely!)

2. While they are coloring, read them this hymn from September’s Magnificat magazine:
Beneath the cross the Mother kept
Bleak vigil under darkened skies.
Upon the cross her Son hung nailed,
Stabbed through by crowds of hostile eyes.

“And your own soul a sword shall pierce,”
The old man in the Temple said,
The Spirit’s sword, the word of God—
God’s word be done, was all she said.

Upon the cross the Savior died:
Beneath, the Mother bowed her head;
Above, the storm broke harsh and wild—
God’s word be done, was all she said.

A soldier came and thrust him through;
The blood and water proved him dead.
They laid his body in her arms—
God’s word be done, was all she said.

At vigil’s end, the Crucified
Arose from death her glorious Lord.
O Father, Son, and Spirit, God,
We praise and magnify your Word.
3. Later, if you have time, you can have the children reverently act out the scene of Our Lord’s death on the cross. Cate found it hard at times to be reverent while holding a broomstick, but a couple gentle reminders steered her back on course.

Also, my boys were busy playing outside yesterday afternoon when I took this photo. Perhaps today I can talk them into taking on the roles of Our Lord and St. John the Evangelist, which would mean demoting Cate to the role of Roman soldier. We’ll see how it goes! With children, one must be flexible.

Have a blessed feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, everyone! May she continue to help us keep our eyes on the goal.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,


  1. Thanks for the link to the coloring pages. We have already had our discussion time but maybe we can use these for quiet time. I hope you really are feeling better. I know I struggle with depression and thought maybe you were doing the same. Remember- the best advise you get on an airplane is to put your own oxygen mask on first!! You are in my prayers. Trish Aldrich

  2. Margaret,

    Thank you for pointing me to those pictures. It is just what we needed today. God Bless you.


  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Thanks so much, Margaret! The poem from The Magnificat Magazine plus the coloring pictures will be great for my husband's Religious Education Class. The poem is very descriptive of Mary's suffering along-side Christ throughout their lives! Her suffering can be also be seen especially being lived out from the Annunciation through Holy Saturday. (I'm sure afterwords too, in many ways.) His - from the crib to the cross. How we have so much to be thankful to Our Lord and Our Lady!

    The middle-grade classes even get into the coloring activities, my husband tells me, so thanks for the link to them!

    Thinking of and praying for you!

    Mom from CT

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM


    The picture of your girls is just adorable and inspiring!!

    Mom from CT

  5. What a beautful feast day to celebrate! It is nice to know that our Mother understands our struggles! Thank you for your ideas.


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