Tuesday, January 27, 2015

These Kids, this Life

"Mom," Francis asked, (he's always asking), "What would you do if you were a fairy?"

"I don't know," I responded, (distracted), (busy), "I guess I would flutter around a lot."

His response: "What a boring fairy!"

I took pretend umbrage. Wiping off the counter? Boring?!

On the contrary, I lead a rich & varied & jam-encrusted life.

* * *

We got a new couch! (I guess you could say it was needed.) We went with Craigslist after all, and were able to purchase (locally, even!) a beautifully upholstered and almost-new sofa with two matching chairs AND an ottoman, all for only 300 dollars.

A new couch is all the excuse I needed. Hey, those family photos are few and far between!

Of course, there was that cat hair issue, but it was nothing (achoo!) the vacuum couldn't handle.

I was surprised by how fiercely loyal the kids were to the old couch. "Can we keep it, Mom?" they begged and pleaded. "In our bedroom? In the basement?" The ripped cushions and torn backing meant nothing to them. Instead, they looked past the saggy green wreckage and saw only read-alouds, movies, memories, and love.

And so we came to a compromise, by saying good-bye in the best way possible. 

We made a few final memories and then I kicked that couch out.

* * *

Meanwhile the days are getting longer. With each passing week, the afternoon daylight lingers, and this Minnesotan is very thankful for that.

I may be a boring old fairy, you know, but the truth is, I really NEED that sun.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Praying for Babies/Going to Plays

I.e. The Winner of the Snowflake Give-Away {and} a Call to Prayer

First off, the wiener of the Snowflake Give-away is...

Erin! (Commenter Number 18)

"I haven't been to the MIA in a very long time, this is a great reminder to check it out. I would love to take my niece to this show, she is a huge fan of live theater. Plus, as a new mom, I'd love the chance to get out myself. :) Erin

Congratulations, Erin! Please email me directly @ mom4life[at]comcast[dot]net and we'll get you set up with your tickets.

Also? I was only teasing about the "wiener" part. I got that from Pioneer Woman long ago and have wanted to steal it ever since.

Plus, I wanted to be light-hearted before getting just a wee bit heavy because...

Today is the somber anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion in this country. I hope you are able to do something special for the unborn babies today, whether it be extra prayer; extra penance; and/or REALLY LOVING UP THE LITTLE ONES IN YOUR LIFE.

Children are precious. Life is precious. Pray pray PRAY for an end to abortion.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About that Give-Away...

The comments are trickling in on my give-away below, which makes me wonder if, indeed, all my readers are in Pittsburgh! In the off chance that I do have some locals reading, here are a couple of clarifications:

1. You get to pick the day(s) you can attend. The show runs until February 22nd, and the box office at Children's Theatre will work with you.

2. It's fine if you haven't visited MIA before! Just leave a comment. Any comment!

It sounds like I'm begging and I guess I am. It's too good a show for you to miss.


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