Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!
On this day, Lord God,
you opened for us the way to eternal life
through your only Son’s victory over death.
Grant that as we celebrate the feast of his resurrection
we may be renewed by your Holy Spirit
and rise again in the light of life.
from Universalis,
Office of Readings for Easter Sunday

I finally "wisened up"  this year and took our family photo before the three-hour Easter vigil.

Like that, my toddler (and husband) were still awake. 
Photo by Mom, the Wise Guy
Photo by Felicity the Sweet
Outtake by Family
(aka come as they are) 

Happy Easter, everyone! I pray that this Holy Season be rich with blessings and peace...hope and joy...and love--BIG love--in abundance.

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's the last week of Lent...and I'm thankful.

It's either hormones or Holy Week or both, but the tears have been flowing fast and furious. I cried throughout most of the Palm Sunday Mass yesterday: streams of tears that left lines in my makeup and caused my husband to squeeze my arm consolingly.

“Smile!” he whispered, and I feebly tried...though I can't say I was successful. I started to think about all the sin in this world. I thought about anger & fighting & divorce. I thought about drinking & drugs & pornography. I thought about losing my kids to other religions or--even worse--losing them to complete indifference.

Not surprisingly, I ended up plenty sad.

There is so much for which Our Savior died.

* * *

You know I'm a sanguine/melancholic, right? Prone to fits of giddiness and/or depression, depending on which side of the bed I wake up!

(There's never a dull moment in my mind, which would be why I don't watch reality TV.)

(Are you kidding me? I'm living it.)

* * *

That would also be why I'm clinging to hope this week--hope and love and heck, let's throw in a whole lot of faith for good measure.  I'm also counting my blessings right alongside Jamie, because I promised her I'd link up if she linked up over her. 

I begged her to link up, basically, and being the sweetie she is...

She did

* * *

First, I'm thankful for the 70-degree weather we had last week! We went from this: 

70 Degrees I this:

70 Degrees V

All in the space of a single day.

It feels great to get outside with the kids again!  It feels great to get out and not need my boots.

70 Degrees IV

Also? For the {visual} record, this is what 10 extra pounds look like on my five-foot frame.  Most of it is around my middle--an unhealthy location, to be sure--though my backside, too, is also "blessed."

And THAT'S why I'm trying to lose 10 pounds.

* * *

Should I be doing it publicly, though? Help me out, please, by taking this quick quiz. 

* * *

I'm thankful for being blessed with so much that our kitchen counter usually looks like this:

Counter Clutter

(I titled this picture "Counter Clutter," which is not be confused with "Counter Culture.")

(Though certainly I hope that we've got that, too.)

* * *

 I am thankful, too, for great library finds! 

Library Finds

Note: I just took a picture of all the educational stuff. What I'm not showing is Angela's tottering stack of Garfield books.

* * *

And finally..."finally" for this post anyway...I am thankful for this kid.

This Kid

This kid. This kid. Let's just say if he's not sitting on the table then he's pointing (and screaming) at the door to go out, and if he's not pointing (and screaming) at the door to go out, he's banging on my chest to "request" that I nurse him.

Nurse; take him outside; scoop him off of the table; repeat.

This is my day, my very real day.

If I'm hormonal, blame the nursing toddler. : )

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

Vol. III

"Some nights it's hard to be alone. I want some sort of kinship. But the finish line, it drives me on."

Bethany Dillon, Revolutionaries

Yesterday at the library, I approached a random librarian and had the following exchange:

Me: "Hi, I'm a writer and I'm doing a series on health and wellness."

Librarian: "Okay..."

* * *

The reason I decided to make this series a link-up (at this point, a very humbling link-up!) is that I don't want these posts to be all about me. Yes, it's my feet and my scale and my weight loss (or gain)...but it's about so much than vanity.

It's about giving and receiving hope. It's an "I can do this and so can you!" 

With that said, I'm going to keep adding the link-up at the bottom; I'm going to swallow my pride (instead of swallowing Cheetos) and hope I'll encourage you along the way.

This is assuming you want encouragement.  ; )

* * *

The conversation with the librarian continued...

Me: "Well, without wanting to be TOO personal, I just wanted to ask what your tips for living healthfully are. Because, you know, you strike me as someone who's fit and trim and health conscious."

She flushed. "Oh! Well, my husband's a chiropractor and I do have a degree in fitness and nutrition."

I laughed. "I know how to pick 'em, don't I? This is a wonderful coincidence. Do you have any tips, then, for keeping one's weight down? What's your number one advice for someone who's trying to eat more healthfully?"

Her eyes shone and I could tell she had some strong convictions. "I try to really limit my carbs," she said, "And avoid high fructose corn syrup."

"What about artificial sweeteners?" I asked.

"You know, I'm not a fan. I think in the end that they cause you to eat more."

"I agree!" I told her. "I would rather have a small amount of the good stuff."

"Me, too," she laughed. "So, you know, have one or two cookies instead of twelve."

* * *
You know what I like about losing weight?

Weigh-In Wed III

It's free, basically. It's a free, feel-good activity.

What would happen, I wondered last week, if I ate a bit less and exercised a bit more? What would happen if I drank a lot more water?

Um...I'd pee a lot more, was the result. That and (hooray!) I shed some weight. I feel better today than I did last Wednesday--I feel like a weight's being lifted, both literally and figuratively, and I feel like it's possible (please, God? it's possible?) for this over-eater to regain control.

* * *

Inviting you (as always) to link up at the bottom. Here's some "food for thought" in writing your post: What is one habit you could change or add that would make you feel better about yourself? For me, this past week, it was adding exercise & drinking more water.

Now to keep adding exercise and keep drinking water.

Now to stay the course and not give up.


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