Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Eagle Scout

As promised, here are some of the photos from my son's Eagle Court of Honor. It was held on Sunday, April 12th, and was a very fun and busy day, the culmination of his career as a Scout.

I'm a proud mama, certainly.

(Proud and tired. Thank goodness for coffee.)

I was up way too late the night before, assembling his photo board and putting the final touches on the slide show. A reasonable person would have gotten this done earlier; I am not, alas, nor have I ever been reasonable.

I did, however, remember to ask my friend's daughter to take photos during the event. Thank you, Kaylee! This blog post would not be here without you.

Two Very Tired but Happy Smiles

Scouting has blessed my family tremendously over the years, as you would see if you did a search for "scouting" in my archives. The camping, the badges, the leadership training...these are life skills learned and Joe's a better young man for them.

He owes a ton to his dad, that's for sure. He couldn't have done it without his dad, who (in truth) is just as blessed for the time he invested. You see commercials for certain decisions being "priceless" and I know that my husband would agree.

The hard work was worth it. The blisters and exertion were worth it.

(I wrote about Joe's Eagle Scout project here. He built a retaining wall at an area women's shelter and thus the reference to the blisters.)

My husband would say that he himself didn't do much--that ultimately it was Joe who did the work--and it's true that when it came to most of the planning, my husband stepped back and made Joe step up. He (my husband) jokes about going to the garden store with Joe and saying, "You do know that I'm following you?"

(My son had a deer-in-the-headlights moment, then got his bearings and found an employee to help.)

The top of Mount Baldy, Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico (John & Joe are on the right.)

 Still,  I've watched them together and I know the truth. My son learned leadership from his father. My son is the man that he is--and the man he's becoming--because of the example set by his dad.

I'm proud of them both!

It's been a long, fun ride.

Friday, April 17, 2015

1000 Words

I blinked and this week ran away from me. Sometimes the calendar is so full-to-bursting--with track meets, lacrosse games, speech therapy, piano--that it's all I can do to STOP.

Full stop.

Breathe in...breathe out...signs of spring...gratitude.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Wings to Fly: Thoughts about Honesty, Temperance and my Son becoming an Eagle Scout

Let's start with the fun, exciting news:

JM Eagle Scout (Intrepid)

My son's Eagle Scout court of honor was yesterday!

I have some nice photos from the day but won't be sharing them until tomorrow because our computer, annoyingly, keeps crashing when I try to access the files. This made assembling the Court of Honor slideshow quite stressful, but the coffee and Redd's hard cider saw me through.

(It was a long weekend. We survived.)

I'll try to share the slide show too 'cause it's a nice retrospective of Joe's career in Scouts. I'm proud of him, my oldest son!

Here we are doing a last-minute trip to pick up food for the reception. I love that he wanted to bring his little brother and that Prince William was humble enough to check our groceries.

* * *

Speaking of humility...

Can I ask, how honest do you think you are? Bear with this jarring transition as I move from the honor of a Boy Scout to the theme of lying, but it has to do with my pastor's homily on Divine Mercy Sunday and the April theme from the Netflix folks, both of which have to do with lying.

Coincidence? Rarely!

So look for that post on lying, too, because I've been thinking a lot about being honest with people, and how hard it can be to accept the truth.

* * *

Finally, temperance.

Wasn't there an actress named Temperance Bledsoe? Yes! She was one of the sisters on the Cosby Show, right? (I'm refusing to do a Google search, trusting instead my knowledge of pop culture.

(I'm quite good, you see, at all things 80's.)

So anyway, yes, that elusive virtue called Temperance. I'm hoping to resurrect my Weigh-In Wednesday series because I need--how I need--accountability.  Since I can't afford a Fitbit, I'll use this blog! Bear with me, please, as I struggle toward better health and fitness.

Even better, inspire me. ; )


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