Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jesus, take the wheel!

An Early Lenten Check-In

365 (Day 61) (2)

I think that the theme of this season is being decided for me. It's "Death to Self", or, "I'm OCD to the Nth Degree and have NO Control over my Surroundings." (Take your pick. The first phrasing's probably more succinct.)

Which means...

I'm being called to be meek more often than not, and am being asked to smile when all I want to do is pout. Don't these people realize that my job as a mom is at stake here? That I'm supposed to be bossy and keep them in line, and when they balk I'm supposed to nag?

365 (Day 50) (Outtake 2)

The messy table I can {usually} handle. It's the mucked-up attitudes that discourage me.

I want to fix both them and me.

February V

"Seriously?" I whispered to him in the laundry room. "You bought them slushies during Lent?!"

And yet...

We are reminded in the Gospel today that the Pharisees were oh-so-righteous, and yesterday we were admonished to not condemn. Maybe my Lent is to see the good in others--and when they fall, or balk, or pout, I need to hightail it to the desert (i.e. prayer) and reboot.

Like I said in this post at the start of Lent, it's hard to keep my expectations in check.

365 (Day 60) (2)

And yet I know--I know--that all we really need is ♥.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Gift of a Sister

If you are a momma with more than one little girl, please take a moment to tell them they're blessed.

They are so blessed to have a sister!

How do I know this? I have four sisters, and each one holds a special place in my heart.

The Fam
This is my family when I was growing up. 
(I'm the "baby" of the family, the one on the right. )

And this is us now. See? We are blessed!

My sister Linda is missing in that photo, so I'll post a picture from another gathering: 

She's a labor & delivery nurse and I love her to bits.

Being the "baby" of the family, it sometimes seemed like I had five moms. They went back and forth between spoiling me rotten and shooing me away, but it's all the lovin' that I remember the most, like the way Yvonne used to sing me to sleep (accompanied by Peter, Paul & Mary) or the Tom Thumb stories that Linda would tell me. My sisters were older--much, MUCH older, I like to tease them--so that by the time I was in high school, they were married with kids.

How I loved spending time their families.

Anyway, I guess I'm feeling a bit nostalgic because it's my sister's birthday today. (Correction: my sister and my godmother. Growing up, some people thought I was hers!)

Ties that Bind X

~ Happy birthday, Bunsie! I love you to bits! ~

There is so much I could tell you about my sister Yvonne—how she's a fabulous cook and an amazing baker; how her house is impeccable and that her floors just gleam; or that she starts her day at 5:00 and goes goes goes 'til 11:00.

She watches her grandchildren so their moms can work...

She goes to daily Mass often and brings the priest home-cooked treats...

Easter X

And she talks to my dad on the phone every day. (I'm a little bit jealous of her and Dad's phone calls, frankly. Those two have a very special bond.)

All of this makes up a part of my sister—just a teensy part, because there's so much more. My kids all love her, my girls especially, because she has a way of making them feel super welcome.


She's always smiling.

That's the part I really want to highlight: that a woman can be incredibly accomplished,  yes, but in the end it's the smile that people remember the most.

Ties that Bind XIV

It's the kindness, the caring, the constant giving...

Ties that Bind XV

It's the gift of a sister, endless laughter, love

Tell your sister that you love her today! I love mine with all my heart. ♥


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