Thursday, July 17, 2014

I am...

...a dozen different people at any given moment--wife, mother, daughter, sister, optimist, pessimist, foodie, friend. It can be hard to know which hat to clamp on! It can be hard to find the real "me".

That said...

I've found an approach for the "mom" in me (and goodness knows, I've got a lot of her) that seems to be kinda/sorta working out well. I thought I'd share it, since the "blogger" in me likes to be helpful sometimes.

 Why yes, I DO talk to my teens via their bathroom mirror. Is this weird?

My teens and I are reading Sean Covey. That's it! That's my helpful (and free) suggestion for today. I have long been a HUGE fan of Sean's dad Stephen, and I pray to him often for help in raising my kids. (Stephen Covey died two years ago yesterday. May the dear man rest in peace.) Being me, I have not one but three of Sean Covey's books floating around--all on loan from the local library--and we read them and talk about them one chapter at a time.


My teen that's exceedingly fond of computer games? He gets an extra one (or two) for every chapter he reads. These are some long and beefy chapters! I could talk about these ideas for hours, but because he's a teen (i.e. straining the leash trying to get away from "deep" talks),  we go over the major points for ten minutes or so and then the kid is free to go.

And by "go" I mean bolt.

Baby steps, right?!  With my teens, and especially my teenaged boys, I must take baby steps and trust the journey.

Oh, and one last thing! There is a wonderful poem at the start of the above book that is titled simply "The Habit Poem." I prefer to call it "I am" because of the refrain at the start of each stanza, but what you choose to call it doesn't matter. Reading it does.

You can find and print a copy here.

I stuck it on my kids' bathroom mirror. : )

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday is back!

And this is why.

You know how today is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (one of my favorites, btw) and how, back on July 16, 1251,  Mary appeared to St. Simon Stock holding a scapular? Well, it was kind of like of that.

I was sitting at my computer desk minding my own business.

When, all of a sudden and out of the {Marian} blue...

God spoke to my heart and said, "Get off your butt."

And so I did. And so I am.

I can't tell you, my friend, how good it feels! (Apparently, though, I'm going to try.) It feels really, really good! Even if it's know...going out for "a run" and needing to walk most of it. Baby steps! Any steps! Because believe me, getting out the door in laced-up shoes is more than half of the {mental} battle. Way more than half, I'm finding out.

I'm not going to do a link-up this week because, in all honesty, just sitting down to this blog post took a huge commitment. I've been running away (same theme, different metaphor) from blogging in general while I work out some kinks in my personal life.

Like...time management kinks.

And growing in holiness kinks.

And that enormous pile of stuff on the dining room table, Maggie? You really REALLY need to make sense of it.

Meanwhile, I've got my first 5K coming up on Saturday (!) and, God willing, I won't pass out. Thanks to the books above and my husband's gentle nagging encouragement, I have worked my way up to 3.1 miles on the treadmill...but doing this in an outdoor race environment?

Well, let's just say that I might not be posting photos. ; )

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June in Review: The Schoenstatt Edition

Still draining the summer to its very dregs over here.  How about you? Are you making room in the schedule for lots of Quadrant Two activies? (aka important but not urgent) Are you fitting in quiet time? Moments of grace, joy and peace?

We're trying, and I don't think it's a contradiction to say that we have to actively seek those moments of peace.

That said...

One of the highlights for my girls is going to camp with the Schoenstatt sisters.

June 2014 IV Schoenstatt
Schoenstatt on the Lake. It's lovely.

Angela went for the first time this year and her eyes were shining when I picked her up. "Schoenstatt changed me, Momma," she said.

June 2014 III Schoenstatt

Judging from the looks on their faces, I would say Schoenstatt changed all the girls. I mean, look at those beautiful, radiant smiles!

Here's a narrative from the week as shared by my 9-year-old:

It started when my friend was showing me her dorm. Suddenly, she found her shoes and exclaimed: “I've found my shoes! It's a SIGN. Father Kentenich is my spiritual father!!!” I was confused, then she told me that she prayed to Father Kentenich asking him if he would be her spiritual father, and if he wanted to he could send a sign. Still confused, I asked, “How can you just ask him like that and POOF! He's your spiritual father?”

She told me and I understood. Then I decided that if she could ask, then I could too. So I found a quiet corner and prayed: “Father Kentenich, do you want to be my spiritual father? If you are willing to, just send a sign.” Then I waited. When I started to pack I stared out the window and jumped. There was a cloud in the form of Mary's crown! 

Now, I thought that if finding shoes was a good enough sign, then seeing Mary's crown was definitely a good enough sign.

June 2014 II Schoenstatt

All three girls had a fabulous week, and I got to appreciate the graces when they returned! (Hint: "getting changed for the better" = trying harder to behave. ; )  Plus,  I'm hoping for at least one religious vocation among my girls, and spending time with these sisters is one of the best ways I know.

 Do you have any upcoming events put on by sisters? Run, don't walk, to the nearest sign-up.


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